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We offer quality audio production either for your movie , advert , documentary. We are equipped with the state-of-art equipment that will deliver the quality required for your project

Everyone loves quality or identify with quality. A great sound easily get audience and the same audience can tell the difference. This is where Octave Media comes in with our audio Production service. Whether you are recording a song , poem, advert or commercial, speech , people will notice when the quality is poor.

Our Promise

At Octave media, our producers have the talent, tools and expertise to make your project sound the best. Our mission is to set the standard in the industry and for that reason , since we started, high Quality Sound has been our passion and at the heart of what we do

Our Services

Post Audio Production

  • Audio Recording
  • Sound Design

Our Audio Production Process

We follow specific process in all our audio production projects. We have three steps that we follow

  • STAGE 1 PREPARATION– This is the stage where we engage our clients to understand the audio project , so that we can plan the best way of Producing it. Our Team will help in the Brain-storming process and advice to make changes where necessary to ensure that the final output meets the industry standard.

  • STAGE 2- PRODUCTION– After the completion of the first stage and the audio has been agreed on , then we go into Production. Our Production has four steps:

  • STEP 3 -RELEASE-After a successful production , we release the final output depending on the agreement made in the initial stage, Octave Media will be part of distributing the release.

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